Sales Approach

A Disciplined Sales Approach

Evaluate Current Position

This analysis will provide us with the information necessary to properly evaluate your current position in the marketplace and assessing the potential of targeted product applications.

Identify SWOT

Identifying the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats of your organization and it capabilities are essential subsequent steps in the planning process that will result from this analysis.

Target Strategic Sales Plan

Techman collects information on potential customers and markets all over the world. With this knowledge, we can build growth and value quickly by providing strategic recommendations.

Resource Plan

We recommend an overall business development structure and a high level resource plan based on anticipated account coverage requirements.

Execute Sales Plan

Our Sales Plans may include: 1) Negotiate and manage contracts for new and existing business 2) Gather and provide all required information for the preparation of quotations, and more.

Measure Results

You need to be able to measure where you are on a goal to see if the strategies that are being implemented really are helping reach our goals. 


Building Value Through Profitable Growth

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